It’s 2020, you need to be online

Congratulations on getting through all the suggested steps of leading up to this:

The main point is, all of those previously mentioned steps work so much better when combined with a website.

When it comes to trades, customers typically have a pain that your handy work solves. Whether they have a burst pipe or a crack in their windscreen, the customer needs your help and will most of the time go to Google to find someone. There is less casual browsing for high priority and time-sensitive work, and to pick up these jobs you really need a website.

According to Forrester, ‘consumers, on average, engage with more than 11 pieces of content before making a purchase and 70% of consumers visit three or more channels/websites when undertaking a product/service search’. They typically do this by googling the service they need.

The reason they do this is that there is typically not much loyalty or brand awareness in trades. They simply don’t know business names to look for, so the trade is searched for and you should aim to appear in this search.

Recent research undertaken shows ‘53% of people aged under 35 said they would use a search engine such as Google to source a tradie (39% of the overall population).

This won’t be news to you, but Google is by far the biggest search engine and the second biggest is not even close.

image via statcounter – GlobalStats

That’s why Google is worth focusing on and why we have mentioned them so much (don’t worry we aren’t paid by google).

On their website, your partner can add their USP and positive reviews and stand out from their competitors, connect their website to Google My Business. They can then use their social media account(s) and funnel potential customers to their website. This is where interested parties become customers.

If websites and marketing aren’t you or your partner’s strong point, feel free to get in touch, because it’s our specialty at RooDigital.

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