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You may have heard that using social media is a great free way to promote a small business, this is true. However, if not undertaken correctly starting a number of business social media accounts can cause more damage than good.

For example, looking at a company’s Facebook page that hasn’t been updated since 2018 will make a potential customer wonder if the business is still operating.

If a social media account is set up for the business you or your partner will need to commit to staying active on the social media account, at least one post a fortnight is suggested, but more than that is optimal.

So should a small business be on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin? There is no correct answer to how many of these they should be on. However, we suggest the ‘walk before you run’ approach.

Start with just one account on one social media platform and at a later date (if they want) leverage off that one account when they want to start a new one.

This article is not about providing you with every detail about how to post or create a popular social media account, but this site does a great job of this.

But what we can do is share our experience with social media marketing for tradies. Let’s look at the different social media account options:

Facebook – Still the most popular social media in Australia with 15 million active users and also a nice and flexible option for tradies who can make the most of public posts, videos, reviews and photos. You can also provide users information like address, website, opening hours and information on upcoming sales of events. It is completely up to you, but if you can only choose one, we believe Facebook is still the one to set up as according to Social Media Statistics, approximately 50% of the Australian population logs into Facebook on a daily basis. Instagram is gaining on it though.

Some tradies doing a nice job online include:

Another job done in Officer , concrete and landscaping

Posted by GJ Landscapers on Friday, 13 December 2019

Instagram – Depending on what your trade is this may or may not work well. Trades that have a high aesthetic value and relatability to the finished result include tilers, carpenters, painters and landscape gardeners. However, perhaps not so much for plumbers or electricians, since the finished result is not as easy to share and sell as interesting to instagramers. Having said that, this is not to say that an electrician couldn’t get results by sharing a photo of a finished art deco lighting setup they installed or a plumber couldn’t share the finished result of a beautiful new contemporary bathroom.

Some accounts that look great are:

and we’re biased but one of our clients has made it part of his site quite nicely at SS Bricklaying.

Pinterest – Similar to instagram, tradies can do well out of using pinterest, as it’s a great social media platform for sharing product and finished project shots. However, we would suggest activation of a business pinterest account as a secondary social media account, we don’t think you get enough out of only having a pinterest account as the user base is not quite as big in Australia as it is overseas.

An example of a board that you could contribute your images to is this:

Linkedin – Can be an effective tool for tradies as it provides a platform for building relationships with business people with a strong chance of them becoming repeat customers. Think Facility Managers, Real Estate Agents, Builders etc. It also allows you to list specific skill-sets you can provide and get endorsed by others, which holds a lot of weight. Where I think it falls down is the search engine is a little ordinary unless you know the name of the company you are interested in.

A nice example is:

When you’ve decided which social media account you want to start with, don’t forget to keep up with it and devote time to get one post out at least every fortnight.

If you need any help with your marketing or website feel free to get in touch.

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