4 simple ways to encourage your customers to write reviews

Request reviews

Now your partner has put themselves out there and is findable, make sure that they actively get people to review their service and make comments where possible (remember how this affected your google search for cafes?).

A good way to incentivise more Google My Business reviews is to offer small discounts in return for reviews.

A study by Invesp, found that 72% of people say that positive reviews make them trust a local business more and they are likely to spend 31% more with a business that has ‘excellent’ reviews.

On the flip side, a single negative review can cost a business approximately 30 customers. This is make or break stuff.

Some suggestions via techwyse include:

Ask for a review

You’d be surprised how many businesses don’t think to ask for a review. You can do this a few different ways including face to face, via SMS, on messenger, over the phone by a follow up call to see if everything is going well after the job was completed, via an email either manually typed or automated with a service like Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor.

However you want to do it I suggest doing it after every job because the more 5 star reviews you can get on Google and Facebook means you’ll be more trusted and more likely to get a client over your competitors.

Personalize the review experience

Getting a personal email soon after work has been successfully completed from the owner of a business can make all the difference in the world.

Offer an incentive

Occasionally offering a coupon or discount for a review, good or bad, can help keep the fresh reviews coming in. Especially if you make it into a contest.

Email signature

Have feedback? Leave us a review on Google.” Adding a simple call to action like this in your default email signature can generate a decent amount of reviews on it’s own. We go into more detail on Google reviews in this article.

I hope this article was helpful and as always if you need a hand with any of the above including an automated solution to save yourself time you can contact us below.

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