How to get your tradie work wear designs sorted

Getting your logo and business details on your workwear is a great way to look professional and advertise your services when you’re on the job or even just out and about. We’re going to run through how to print your business details on your workwear and what’s required before going to print.


First of all you need to make sure you have your branding sorted so as a minimum this would be a logo, colour scheme and fonts. We go into more detail about tradie logos here and one of our services is branding for tradies. When you’re getting your branding done you need to make sure you have the vector files as this is the format the printer will use to ensure your gear has the highest quality print. You may need to contact your graphic designer for the vector files if you need them.

Tradie Branding


We’re going to use vests in this example and in most cases you’ll want to have your logo on the front of the vest and some messaging with contact information on the back so potential customers get a clear understanding of your services at a glance. Using black for the logo and messaging is generally the way to go when printing on yellow, orange or green.


Printing and what you print on (the material used) are possibly the most important steps, as you want to get something that’s durable, comfortable and has a good quality print that doesn’t fade over time or even worse after the first wash. We recommend steering clear of cheaper websites that offer a design your own type set-up where you simply upload your logo and you’re done. This may seem like a quick and easy way to get it sorted but the quality is generally pretty inferior and the design will start to fade pretty quickly. We recommend going with a professional printer or someone who specialises in workwear for tradies. If you can it’s always good to visit the showroom so you can try the clothes on before ordering your gear to make sure it fits.

I hope that’s helped in some way, if you need a hand with any of the above then simply contact us below.

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