Tradie marketing, which social media platform to go with?

There’s a lot of social media platforms out there at the moment and choosing which one to use to help boost your business can be confusing and overwhelming. This article explains which ones are the best for tradies and which ones are the best for certain types of trades.

We recommend just choosing one social media account and sticking with it for at least 6 months as it can be difficult to manage multiple accounts at once if you’re a sole trader or micro business.

We suggest posting once per week to keep the traffic flowing to your website and so people know that you’re still in business and doing great work for clients.

Facebook for Tradies

Facebook is great for telling a story about a recent job and starting a conversation. Best suited for trades like electricians and plumbers where your work may not be as visual.

Try to avoid using Facebook to simply spam people with advertising but rather show off your recent projects and start a conversation.

Instagram for Tradies

Instagram is very visual and great for trades with a visual appeal after a job is done. This is great for bricklayers and fence & decking specialists for example.

Don’t forgot to include your relevant hashtags and potentially a small story to go along with it.

One of our clients SS Bricklaying does a great job of this and integrates Instagram into the website in the form of a gallery so it kills 2 birds with 1 stone!

Pinterest for Tradies

Pinterest is even more visual than Instagram and best used for trades like landscape designers and painters where your finished projects are going to have some great imagery and are leaning more towards the artistic side.

When creating a new pin you can combine multiple pictures into one and they even support video now.

LinkedIn for Tradies

LinkedIn is a more professional platform and best used for businesses that deal with other businesses as opposed to businesses that deal with end users or regular customers.

This platform is best used for larger companies like a builder that specializes in larger apartment blocks or a lift maintenance company that deals mainly with bigger clients like shopping malls.

The type of content that you would post on LinkedIn are longer articles and success stories with at least 1 supporting image.

As you can see there are a few considerations to think about when choosing which social media platform to go with first first. Once you do decide we recommend trying to find some other trades that are doing a good job with their social media efforts to help give you an idea of the type of content to post.

Here are some great examples of trades killing it with social media:

SS Bricklaying on Instagram

Landscaper Facebook

WLC Landscapes on Facebook

Melbourne Pergolas and Decking Specialists on Facebook

NJ Landscapes on Pinterest

After you’ve got your first social media platform nailed you can branch out and launch another one. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel though when creating a 2nd account, for example you can post the same thing on Facebook and Instagram with some small differences like using a bit of a story for the Facebook post and using more images and hashtags in place of a story for Instagram.

There are other Social Media platforms that we didn’t cover like YouTube, Vimeo etc. but we recommend starting with 1 of these 4 first as they are the most common when it comes to tradie marketing. Keep an eye out though and subscribe as I’m sure we will have more articles around social media!

If you need a hand with any of the above simply contact us below. Our competitive rates mean you won’t be paying an arm and a leg to get more customers.

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