Teach Your Customers, They’ll Thank You For It

Don’t be afraid to educate your audience. Your potential clients aren’t tradespeople that can do what you can do, otherwise, they’d probably do the work themselves.

The main barrier with any service request is the potential client not knowing enough about what they want and how to get it.

There are quite a lot of details in trades that you, the tradie knows, but a standard person has no idea about. For example with floor preparation, what is a subfloor? And why is it important that it is flat? With brickwork what’s the difference between bricklaying and restoration?

Consider how you explain what you do to someone at a BBQ, bring that sort of information to your website. Discuss simply your service so that its understandable to someone without any background in your industry.

Think of how someone searches for what they need. They start vague, then get more detailed as they learn. For example, looking up concrete polishing, they may start by googling ‘polished concrete’, then go down the rabbit hole of learning about different finishes that have different, looks, prices and require different levels of maintenance going forward.

They may look for images, examples of previous work and wording on specific differences until they are confident enough to have an idea of what they want and perhaps set a high-level budget.

At this point they are going to need a quote, consider that they are on the website of the company that got them to this stage. Are they likely to leave and not get a quote? Unlikely as you as the educator has proven yourself to know what you’re on about.

This approach is good for two reasons:

1) Your site will rank much better on google as helpful content and you will get more organic visits
2) It will improve your site visit to quote request ratio

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