How to create an advanced tradie contact form using Contact Form 7 for WordPress

Most tradie websites are built using WordPress and have a contact form or multiple contacts forms built using some of the popular plugins like Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7, WPForms etc. The problem with most tradie websites is that the contact form only asks for a name, phone number, email and message so they’re missing out on some of the most important information specific to their trade.

We generally use Contact Form 7 for it’s ease of use and good integration with Googles reCAPTCHA and email platforms like Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor.

Don’t worry if the above doesn’t make much sense as we’re just going to be focusing on getting a better contact form on your website using the Contact Form 7 plugin so you can capture more details from your leads. This will help you turn a lead into a customer and minimise the back and forth questions by asking the most important questions up front.

First of all you’re going to need to log into your WordPress website and navigate to the Plugins section. In the Plugin search section you’ll need to search for Contact Form 7 and install that plugin. If you need a hand with installing WordPress plugins then this article might help.

Once your Contact Form 7 plugin has been installed you then need to create a new contact form. This is where you can get creative and think of the different fields that you need on your contact form. By default the form will have Your Name, Your Email, Subject and Your Message. I recommend thinking about the most common questions that your customers would ask before you create a quote. This could be their location, type of work required, car parking availability, type of floor, number of bricks, age of house, etc. And keep in mind this can all be changed until you find a good set of questions that work for you.

For more information about setting up custom fields I recommend reading the official documentation.

Once you form is complete and you have configured the Mail settings then it’s time to add it to your page and test! For details on how to add forms to your pages I recommend checking out this official guide.

Here are some of the custom contact forms we have created for our clients:

If you need hand with a custom contact form for your site then feel free to contact us below.

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