Giving your customers confidence during COVID-19

Now more than ever you need to give your potential customers more confidence in hiring your services.

Here are some tips to help separate you from the competition and stand out as a business that is taking extra steps to protect yourself and your customers.

Website COVID-19 banner

This immediately grabs the attention of the visitor and shows that you are taking the situation seriously. The banner could simply be some text stating that you’re taking extra steps to keep yourself and your equipment clean.

You can also link the banner to a news article or a landing page with some extra information about how you are going to keep everything clean and tidy.

We generally have a ‘call to action’ banner at the top of this site and at the time of writing we’re promoting our new how-to-guide.

Social media post

This could simply be a message to everyone about how you’re still in business, taking extra steps to keep clean, practicing good social distancing and wishing everyone to stay safe.

The same content can be used across your other social media accounts if you have more than one.

Facebook has put together this comprehensive guide on how to best communicate to your customers during these times.

Google My Business post

This is a great way for people to see your updates before they even hit your website. This guide by Google goes into detail on how to do so and they even have a COVID-19 specific section.

This can be the same content as your social media posts and as a bonus using a picture of yourself in protective gear will make you stand out and give potential customers that extra confidence they are after.

Email campaign

If you’ve managed to gather a lot of customer emails over the years then sending out an email campaign is a great way to get your message out about the extra safety measures you’re taking.

Mailchimp is a great email platform to send out good looking emails to lots of people all at once. If you’re not at that level of marketing yet then you can simply send out individual emails from gmail for example.

SMS text message

Another great way to reach out to your customers is via the old SMS text message. The benefit of using text messages is that most tradies will at least have a few customers to send SMS messages out to before they even think about setting up a website or social media account.

This can be quite simple with something along the lines of thanking your customers for their business over the years and if they do require any of your services that you are still operating and making sure to practice good cleanliness and distancing.

Stay safe

We at RooDigital wish all tradies the best and hope that your business and family’s health can get through this pandemic. We have dropped our fixed pricing model for the time being and are quoting based on the best deal we can put together for your needs.

I hope these tips helped and if you need a hand with any of the above please contact us below.

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