Case Study: Super Flat Floors

Article by Rob Fraser
Published 06 Sep, 2020

Super Flat Floors came to us looking for help with getting more customers for their floor levelling business. They already had a WordPress website setup and a logo so we decided that instead of re-inventing the wheel we would refresh their current website and stick with the current logo as it was quite good with a colour scheme that worked.

We started by learning as much as we could about the business and what they offered. Once we had a basic understanding of what they specialise in and the type of customers they want we started building out the website with key landing pages, real images from previous work sites and an advanced contact form.

Once the website was up and running we needed to drive customers to it so we then setup a facebook account which doubles as a blog on the website. A Google business page was needed too so Super Flat Floors could be found on Google maps and an Ads campaign was created so potential customers in the area could see the website based on key words during a Google search.

With all of this put together we were able to help Super Flat Floors get more customers with their refreshed online presence and best of all it didn’t cost them a lot as we are a small agency. Win win!

If this sounds like something you need to take your business to the next level or just want to find out what we can offer then feel free to contact us below.

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